So here's the problem..

When the coronavirus pandemic began literally taking over the world, everyone was affected in one way or another. Feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, nervousness, you name it, we were all facing it. 

As time progressed, one common theme that was mentioned over and over again was the forced interaction many people had with their family, including their partners and spouses. 

For the first time, many were forced to deal with their relationships and for the first time, many realized they did not like where the status of their relationship but they did not know where to go.


We understand you want to make a change but you may not have all the time in the world to dedicate to it. This course provides you with the basics to get you started and tools to follow through and improve your relationship! 

Why Take This Course?


  • Review your current situation

    Identify where you find your relationship right now. What is working and what is not working? Where do you see improvements? What is working well?

  • More effective communication

    Discuss and plan how you want to communicate your newly learned information. How can it benefit your current situation?

  • Apply what you learn immediately

    Construct and implement a well thought-out plan to apply your new found knowledge and make it work.

So here's the solution!!

This course will provide you with the right tools to begin evaluating, investing and eventually improving your relationship. Your instructor will be your guide as you walk through each lesson, providing insight, examples and things for you to think about. 

And the best part is, when you are done with the lessons, you are just beginning! Within the course is a workbook, outlining everything discussed during each lesson so you can document your progress.

Take a look below to get a sneak peek of what the course has to offers!

Course curriculum

Bonus material

But wait.. there's more!

  • 10 Quick Ways Summary

    This "cheat sheet" summarizes the 10 quick ways to improve your relationship discussed in the course. Feel free to print it out, save it to your desktop, stick it to your fridge, whatever works best to remind you of the ways to actively keep improving your relationship!

  • 10 Quick Ways Workbook

    Use this workbook, over 20 pages, to elaborate on the quick ways mentioned throughout the course. Did you have a chance to identify your irritants with Quick Way #2 of the course? This workbook is the place to write down what those irritants are and how you can make changes to them.

  • Access to Emotion Notion's private group

    Want to discuss what we covered in this lesson in more detail? Want to see how other people are doing and applying it to their lives? Then becoming a member of this private group may be a great way to do that! You will also get the latest and greatest on upcoming courses too.

Meet Your Instructor


Christa Thompson

Christa "Doctor C" Thompson is a passionate, enthusiastic emotional intelligence practitioner, dedicated to providing learners with the tools to have an emotionally healthy relationship with themselves and others through acknowledgement, understanding and expression. Dr. Thompson is owner of Emotion Notion, which focuses on emotional intelligence, providing assessments from EQ-i 2.0 and an array of courses and programs, both in person and online to spread the word and effective use of emotional intelligence in personal and professional relationships. Christa has a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology and is a certified practitioner of the EQ-i and Myers-Briggs (MBTI) assessments. Her educational and professional background provide her with a unique combination to speak to these topics on professional and personal levels.

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